What We Do

Sponsorship Program

In Kenya, the government is unable to fully subsidize school fees for high school and above. Because of that, some of the best and brightest from the slums of Nairobi are forced to stop school at far too young of an age. The Fleischer Foundation sponsors these 8th graders from the Mukuru Kwa Njenga Slum. Through this sponsorship, we give these children the chance to continue their education but more than that, we give them the tools for a better life.

Mentorship Program

The school year in Kenya coincides with the calendar year and is inclusive of 3 holiday breaks. During each of the holiday breaks, the foundation's sponsored students are required to attend 3 mentorship sessions. These mentorship sessions host all of the sponsored students as well as primary school teachers, therapists, foundation employees, and even priests and imams from the students' local communities. The sessions include lunch, one-on-one meetings, study time, personalized discussions concerning academic and personal issues, and finally conclude with a game of soccer (football). All of our students also use this time to write personalized thank you notes to the donors that made all of this happen.

Job Search Program

After graduating from high school, the foundation works with all graduates to determine their next step forward. Foundation staff determine, on a case by case basis, whether university education, vocational education, or actual employment best fit the student's needs. Once this determination is made, the foundation's job creation staff work with the particular student to assist them in achieving their specific goal.